Katate Unlimited Front

Since 1996 KARATE UNLIMITED has instructed TaeKwonDo and a blend of 6 other styles of Martial Arts! Making KARATE UNLIMITED a true MMA school! We have over 50 years of combined instructor experience! Teaching men, women and children from 3 years old; including many entire families! Our Martial Arts program is excellent in building self-discipline, confidence, physical fitness, self esteem, focus & concentration, self-reliance and much more! Many of our younger students have improved grades in school acquiring a high level of self esteem! Adult students develop the physical skills of defense and fitness to combat today’s aggressive lifestyles!

We have successfully instructed hundreds of students in our world renowned Martial Arts systems of personal protection & self-defense instructed in our unique way. The KARATE UNLIMITED program includes personal lessons and classes with multiple instructors who have a variety Martial Arts training and life experiences. Surprisingly all included at no additional charge and at a price that is truly affordable!
For more information, call 856-262-0007 or e-mail us at  info@karateunlimited.com