• Curriculum

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    Fitness Standards
    9 Gup (No Belt)
    8 Gup (White)
    7 Gup (Yellow)
    6 Gup (Green)
    5 Gup (Blue)
    4 Gup (Purple)
    3 Gup (Red)
    2 Gup (Brown)
    1 Gup (Brown Sr.)
    1st Dan (Black)
    2nd Dan (Black)
    3rd Dan (Black)
    Fitness Standards

    9 Gup (No Belt)
    Procedural Rules for No Belt & above
    Students are welcome to ask any instructor questions they may have. The proper verbal request to ask are; “Sir may I please….” and then wait for a response.
    Arrival for personal lesson
    Arrival late to class
    Reciting “The Student Creed”
    Leaving class etc… is “Sir may I please….” and then wait for a response. For the “World Tae ....

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  • Referral Incentive

    Hey, you want to pay for... New uniforms, sparring gear, class fees, training equipment... Yes...anything! How does it work? It’s easy Students who invite a guest (and then that guest later joins the academy) will receive a Referral Reward Certificate that can be used to purchase equipment OR pay for their monthly fees! You can receive a $50 Gift Certificate if the person you refer enrolls in Karate Unlimited school. ....

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  • Lessons & Clinics

    You will receive many Member Benefits including Free Personal Lessons, a great way to maintain and improve your level of martial arts skill, even when unable to attend scheduled classes. Our Free Personal Lessons initially help orient the new student into the Martial Arts. Personal Lessons help direct the ongoing education of students at all belt levels. Personal Lessons are free but we do charge $10 for all Personal Lessons appointments that do not show or cancel the same day. We also offer regular clinics. These clinics are designed to improve a series of techniques or tasks. Clinics are available for “Board Breaking”, “Forms” separate for beginner, intermediate and advanced belt ....

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  • Self-Defense

    Protect yourself any day, any time, and any where at KARATE UNLIMITED!
    Members of Karate Unlimited receive special member incentives and a FREE Self-Defense tool!
    Have you ever experienced concern, dread or all-out fear of personal harm by one or more of the following?
    Walking to your car in enclosed parking lot
    Feeling unsafe at night
    Shopping at the mall or shopping center
    Strolling through your neighborhood after dusk
    Feel the urge to lock your car doors while driving
    Picking-up your car at the airport after a trip
    Awaken by sound inside your home at night
    Feeling someone is watching you
    Uncomfortable feeling while at stop light
    Walking to your car after work
    With packages in you ....

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  • Family Programs

    Christmas Family Programs
    “The gift they will remember all year long!” Act NOW and Double these discounts! KARATE UNLIMITED believes it’s just a matter of time before everyone becomes involved in a karate or protection programs. Today’s busy families need activities they can do together. We have designed our Family “Add-on” Program to offer you the choices of Karate, Self Defense, Personal Protection or Individual Security. Each member of the family selects the service or services they want to participate in. SAVE up to 30% on Family add-on programs for Karate, Self Defense & Personal Protection! Also SAVE up to 20% on Family discounted programs for the extended family!!* Some ....

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  • Rules & Regulations

    All members and students shall follow all of the rules and regulations, including hours of operation, which have been made available to you. We can revoke your membership privileges if these rules and regulations are not followed, and we expressly reserve the right to change the rules, regulations and hours of operation. In addition, we expressly reserve the right to add to, eliminate, alter, or offer at additional costs any program, equipment, activity, class, service, feature or fixture when deemed necessary or desirable, if in our sole judgment, it is in the best Interest of our members. 1) Any conduct by a member, student or guest which unreasonably interferes with use and ....

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