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  • Awesome place... our son is 7 yrs old and he has been attending for about 3 months, and he absolutely loves it. The pricing is right on, and the staff is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. We highly recommend this place.

    Jason C.
  • Martial Arts Sicklerville

    My 7 year old and 4 year old love going to karate unlimited! The classes are great and everyone there is very friendly. The price is great, too!

    Paige F.
  • My boys (ages 4 and 6) have been attending Karate Unlimited for almost a year and they love it!!! They have learned so much more than Karate from the tutelage of all of the amazing masters and instructors at the Dojo. They have learned self control, worth ethic, self discipline ,the value of practicing and met many friends along the way. Thank you Master Bridgette for going above and beyond for every student. I sit back and admire what you are doing for these kids and you are gifted. Thank you Master Eric for creating a welcoming environment for the students and parents and showing us that every student is valued. Thank you Master Dave for displaying hard work and showing the future black belts that the discipline is ongoing. Thank you Mr. Angelo for being absolutely brilliant and reminding the parents that as long as there is breath in your body....goals can be achieved. Thank you to all of the student instructors that come back and volunteer their time to the future intermediate and advanced belts. I can honestly say I am so proud to say that my boys are students at KARATE UNLIMITED!!!

    Maggie T.
  • My daughter was a student here for about five years. They taught her discipline and confidence, throughout the years I noticed her self-confidence grow and her coming out of her shell from being shy.

    As she progressed through the ranks it wasn't easy but she did it through perseverance and hard work.

    When she tested for black belt it was a grueling 3 hour test comprising of all the forms and techniques she learned from the beginning on.

    She also spared students and masters and even had to create her own technique for testing.

    When she finished her black belt testing I was so proud of her. I saw her grow from being a shy little girl into a confident young lady who could handle herself in any situation, they even made her an instructors aide, assisting the younger students in the class.

    When she received her black belt they told her she's welcomed back anytime at no cost to train or assist the instructors.

    Some people may say negative things about a place because they didn't get their way. But Karate unlimited is the real deal if you want your child to be self-confident and respectful and able to handle any situation.

    Allen H.
  • I joined Karate Unlimited about a year ago with my son and have had nothing but a great positive experience with students and instructors. The school is run by Master Eric Tenuto and Master Wil Fontanez who have more integrity and compassion for the art than any that I have come across. There is no high pressure sales, no belts are given away but you are encouraged to work hard on the art to advance. The prices are reasonable and the pride in the school is palpable. Come find out for yourself before you buy into the nonsense of any previous old negative reviews. I guarantee when you meet these men and the other instructors you will be sold on the commitment to the students and the high quality of the school.

    Bill R.


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